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Epigraphy Workshop

An informal monthly gathering to discuss new inscriptions and new approaches to well established texts. The text discussed at each meeting is pre-circulated and available to faculty and students of AHMA and Classics (and others upon request to the director of the Center) at

November 4, 2010: Money Exchange in the Ancient Greek World: A View from the Inscriptions - Alain Bresson, University of Chicago (4-5pm, 7205 Dwinelle)

December 2, 2008: New Inscriptions from Segobriga, Spain - Carlos Norena (4-5pm, 7205 Dwinelle Hall)

November 13, 2008: Entella and the little koina of western Sicily - Randall Souza (1-2pm, 7205 Dwinelle Hall)

April 8, 2008: An Attic Thiasos with a Woman in Charge - R. Stroud (4-5pm, 7205 Dwinelle Hall)

March 4, 2008: A new proxeny decree from Siphnos - N. Papazarkadas (4-5pm, 7205 Dwinelle Hall)

February 5, 2008: Greeks in Central Asia: A success story in a new Hellenistic epigram from Kandahar (Afghanistan) - A. Bulloch (4-5pm, 7205 Dwinelle Hall)

October 19, 2007: A new inscription of the Boiotian koinon - E. Mackil (12-1pm, 7205 Dwinelle Hall)

Aleshire Seminars

The Center organizes and hosts annual (formerly biannual) lectures and seminars in Greek epigraphy. Our goal is to invite epigraphists in fields not currently strongly represented among the Berkeley faculty.

Our next visitor will be:

Christopher Jones, Harvard University: "Heavenly Epigrams: The Afterlife in Ancient Greek Epigrams" September 15, 2010

Past Aleshire Seminar speakers:

Gary Reger, Trinity College (Hartford): "A New Inventory from Mylasa in Karia" March 2010

Merle Langdon, University of Tennessee, Knoxville: "Shepherds Can't Write! Epigraphic Evidence for Literacy in Archaic Attica" October 14, 2008

Charalambos Kritzas, Director Emeritus, Epigraphical Museum, Athens: "New Inscriptions from Argos: The Archives of the Sacred Treasury (4th century B.C.)" April 16, 2008

H. W. Pleket, Professor Emeritus, Leiden University: "Sport and Culture in the Greek Cities of the Roman Empire" November 6, 2007 (lecture); "The Professional Organizations in Asia Minor in the Roman Period" November 8, 2007 (seminar)

Alain Bresson, University of Bordeaux: “Coming in and out of a Greek city: a view from the inscriptions” Spring 2007

Michael Wörrle, Kommission für Antike Geschichte und Epigraphik, Munich: “Epigraphy in Context: Aizanoi Honors its Local Zeus and Courts the Emperor” Fall 2006

Angelos Chaniotis, University of Heidelberg: “New Inscriptions from Aphrodisias” Fall 2005

Charlotte Roueché, University of London: “Verses on Stone: Epigraphy and Literature” Fall 2003

Michael H. Jameson, Stanford University: “The Sacrificial Calendar of Thorikos” Fall 2001

Stephen V. Tracy, American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Angelos P. Matthaiou, Elleniki Epigraphiki Etaireia, Athens: “Athenian Epigrams on the Persian Wars”

Christian Habicht, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton: “Missing Festivals”

Joyce Reynolds, Cambridge University

Miltos Hatzopoulos, National Research Institute, Athens



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