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Aleshire Holdings and Facilities

Initial funding for the formation of the Center was provided by the Estate of the late Dr. Sara B. Aleshire, alumna of AHMA and a distinguished scholar of Greek epigraphy and ancient Greek religion. Part of her bequest consisted of a substantial research library in Greek epigraphy, an extensive collection of offprints, especially in Greek religion, an archive of photographs of Greek inscriptions, and a large collection of squeezes. This core collection has been augmented by additional books, squeezes, offprints and photos from the collections of Prof. Ron Stroud and the late Prof. W. K. Pritchett of U. C. Berkeley. The Center aims, through regular and active acquisition, to maintain an epigraphic library that is both deep and current and that will serve the needs of UC's faculty and students as well as those of visiting scholars.

At present, the Aleshire Center’s library consists of ca. 1,120 books, 5,000 offprints, 1,000 photos, and 1,100 squeezes, which are housed on the Berkeley Campus in 6221-6223 Dwinelle Hall, and available for use by faculty, students, and visitors. The collection is growing, and the Aleshire Center is happy to announce two recent and sizable endowments, for which click here. The cataloguing of the Center’s holdings is virtually complete; our next step is to digitize the catalogs as well as the photos and squeezes in order to make these resources available to a wide scholarly audience.



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ADVISORY COMMITTEE FOR THE ALESHIRE CENTER: Professor Nikolaos Papazarkadas, Classics (Chair) |Professor Emily Mackil, History | Professor Donald J. Mastronarde, Classics | Professor Andrew Stewart, History of Art | Professor Ronald S. Stroud, Classics | Derin McLeod, Classics (Graduate Representative)