5th Annual Del Chiaro Lecture announced: April 28, 5:30 PM

Monday, March 14, 2016

Professor Tom Rasmussen, University of Manchester
Black Flowers: Bucchero and the Art and Archaeology of Etruscan Pottery
Throughout the several centuries of its existence, Etruscan pottery displays a heady blend of native and external (mainly Greek) ideas. In some ways different from its Greek counterpart, Etruscan pottery is full of surprises, always liable to erupt into the extraordinary and the bizarre. This lecture will focus on its unique characteristics, in particular on the 'trademark' bucchero fabric: its regionalism, functions, and its importance to archaeologists studying Etruscan cemeteries, urban sites, and sanctuaries. Special attention will be paid to the earliest years of bucchero manufacture at Caere in south Etruria, and the creation there of one of the most outstanding pottery workshops of the ancient Mediterranean.
Thursday, April 28th
5:30 Banatao Auditorium
Reception to follow