AHMA at AIA/SCS 2017

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The following students and faculty of AHMA will be participating in the 2017 Archaeological Institute of America / Society for Classical Studies meeting in Toronto:

Ted Pena and Caroline Cheung, "The Pompeii Artifact Life History Project: New Methodological Approaches and Illustrative Results"

Caroline Cheung, "Wooden Stamps from Tebtunis: Evidence for Local Distribution of Commodities"

Eric Driscoll, "The Defective Insularity of the Peloponnese"

Lisa Pieraccini, "Collecting Etruscans for California"

Chris Bravo, "The Utility and 'Hellenization' of Personal Names in Hellenistic Uruk"

Kim Shelton, "TAPHOS, Tombs of Aidonia: Preservation, Heritage, and Exploration Synergasia: the 2016 Season"

Todd Hickey, Panel Chair: "Culture and Society in Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Egypt;" Panelist: "Classics, Classical Archaeology, and Cultural Heritage: Toward a Common Understanding of Professional Responsibilities for the Study of 'Exceptional Objects'"

Nikolaos Papazarkadas, Panel Chair: "Epigraphic Economies"

Caroline Cheung, Poster: "The Dolia of Regio I, Insula 22: Evidence for the Production and Repair of Dolia"

Chris Hallett, Respondent: "New Research on Roman Sarcophagi: Eastern, Western, Christian"