AHMA Noon Colloquium

Katie Kearns landscape

The AHMA Noon Colloquium is a series of informal papers presented at noon in 7205 Dwinelle Hall. The series is organized this semester by AHMA students Evan Vance, Jesse Obert, Erin Lawrence, and Natalie Gleason.


AHMA Noon Colloquium Series:
Spring 2017


Erich Gruen (UC Berkeley)

Hellenistic Historiography in the Wake of Alexander the Great

Wednesday, February 8th, 12:00 PM


François Lissarrague (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales)

Why the Berlin Painter? On Painting in the Dark

Friday, April 7th, 12:00 PM


Jessica Kaiser (UC Berkeley)

When Death Comes, He Steals the Infant: Children and Mortuary Practice on the Giza Plateau

Tuesday, April 11, 12:00 PM]


Duncan MacRae (UC Berkeley)

Simon Magus' Rome

Thursday, April 20, 12:00 PM


Andrew Stewart (UC Berkeley)

Cultural and Technological Evolution on the Metopes of the Hephaisteion

Monday, April 24, 12:00 PM


Past AHMA Noon Colloquia Papers

Fall 2016

Michael Taylor (Santa Clara University)

Etruscan Identity and Roman Military Service

Friday, Sep. 2, 11:00 AM


Esther Schneidenbach (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich)

The Jewish Congregations of Rome in Antiquity: Cultural Pluralism or a Highly Differentiated Synagogue Organizational Structure? 

Friday, Sep. 16, 12:00


Tonio Hölscher (Heidelberg)

Images of History – History of Images in Ancient Greece and Rome: On the use of images for the study of history

Thursday, Sep. 29, 12:00


Alexandra Sofroniew (UC Davis)

Roman Household Gods: Dancing Votives and the Iconography of the Lares

Thursday, October 20, 12:00


Rubina Raja (Aarhus University)

New research on the urban development of Gerasa – Antiochia on the Chrysorrhoas

Tuesday, Oct. 25, 12:00


Elaine Sullivan (UC Santa Cruz)

The Past in 4D? Time and Space in the Archaeological Landscape of Saqqara, Egypt
Friday, Nov. 18, 12:00
Susanna Elm (UC Berkeley)
Bodies and Books - Augustine of Hippo on Extraordinary Bodies
Thursday, Dec. 1, 12:00


Spring 2016

Catherine Kearns (Stanford)
Archaeology and the Anthropocene: Constructing Environmental Histories of the Mediterranean
Emily Egan (UC Santa Cruz)
All the Megaron's a Stage: Actors and Audience in Nestor's Palace
Naomi Janowitz (UC Davis)
Tortoise Erotomania: Lessons from Late Antique Animal Love Rituals
Jeremy Ott (UC Berkeley)
Mortuary Administration in Late Antiquity: Clues from Corinth


Fall 2015

Jorge García Sanchez (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
Byron Khun de Prorok (1896-1954): Pioneer of American Archaeology in Tunisia

Lisa Pieraccini (UC Berkeley)
Dining With the Dead: Consumption, Commemoration and Catering in Etruscan Funerary Rituals
Irina Demetradze (Ilia State University)
Roman Culture in the Caucasus: What the Romans Brought to Iberia

Catherine Chin (UC Davis)
On Finding Historical Radiance


Spring 2015

Anne Austin (Stanford)
A battle for life in ancient Egypt: osteological and textual analyses of health care at Deir el-Medina

Nikolaos Lazaridis (California State University, Sacramento)
Ancient travelers’ inscriptions from Kharga Oasis, Egypt: a project report

Andrew Stewart (UC Berkeley, History of Art)
The Nike of Samothrace: Another View

David Pritchard (University of Queensland)
Sport, Democracy and War in Classical Athens

Christel Müller (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense)
Sulla in Boeotia: The First Mithridatic War And Its Aftermath

Diliana Angelova (UC Berkeley, History of Art)
The Cult of the Virgin Mary: Chronology, Meaning, and the Role of Images 


Fall 2014

John Noël Dillon

The Emperor’s New Prose: The Style of Tetrarchic Legislation

Gregory Warden


Ritual and Identity at the North Etruscan Sanctuary of Poggio Colla

Rita Lucarelli

Issues of Translation and Canonicity in the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead

Micaela Langellotti

Professional associations and the state in Roman Egypt: the case of early Roman Tebtunis


Spring 2014

Lisa Pieraccini (UC Berkeley)

The Legacy of Etruscan Wall Painting


Angelos Matthaiou (Greek Epigraphic Society)

Attic Inscriptions and Archaeological Questions: Old and New Evidence


Rex Stern (UC Davis)

Republican Motivations in Caesar's Gallic Wars


Alexandra Pappas (San Fransciso State University)

Power Play: The Aesthetics of Inscription at Archaic Thera


Richard Neer (Chicago) and Leslie Kurke (UCB)

Pindar Fr. 75 and the Politics of Athenian Space


Fall 2013

Carlos Noreña (UC Berkeley)

Ritual and Memory: Hellenistic Ruler Cults in the Roman Empire


Brian Rutishauser (Fresno City College)

The Allies of Athens and Perceptions of the Panathenaia in the Fourth Century


Daniel Boyarin (UC Berkeley)

Semantic Cartography: Mapping Ancient Threskeia


Jean-Jacques Aubert (Université de Neuchâtel)

For Sale or Wrap: Barter and Roman Law


Jelle Stoop (UC Berkeley)

From Public Intellectual to Civic Honors


Vanessa Davies (UC Berkeley)

Art and Ritual Practice in New Kingdom Tombs


Spring 2013

Frank Vermeulen (Ghent University): Urban Landscape Survey on Roman Towns in Italy: an Example from Trea (Picenum)

Robert Homsher (San Francisco State University): Warfare and Urbanization: Rethinking the Role of Fortifications

Michael Anderson (San Francisco State University): Prosperity and Purchasing: The Politics of Pompeian Private Property in the 1st c. BCE and 1st c.CE

Barbara Kowalzig (New York University): Religion and Cross-cultural Trade in the Greek Mediterranean

John Papadopoulos (University of California, Los Angeles): Framing Victory: Salamis, the Athenian Acropolis and the Agora

Emily Mackil (UC Berkeley): Cities for Sale

Matt Simonton (UC Berkeley): Explaining Greek Oligarchies' Use of Assemblies: Evidence from Modern Authoritarian Regimes

Alicia Jiménez (Stanford University): Fixing the Shadows. Simulacra and Imagines in the Roman World


AHMA Noon Colloquia, Fall 2012

Verena Schulz (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität of Munich): Deconstructing Imperial Representation: Cassius Dio and Tacitus on Nero and Domitian

Andrew Stewart (UC Berkeley): From Art Market to Agora: New Light on Alexander and His Age

Marian Feldman (UC Berkeley): The Inscription of Identity and Memory on Iron Age Levantine Metal Bowls, c. 1000-600 BCE

Eftychia Stavrianopoulou (Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg): Hellenistic world(s) and the elusive concept of Greekness

Susanna Elm (UC Berkeley): On Human and Divine Bondage: Augustine’s Letters *10 and *24

Aaron Tugendhaft (New York University): Poetry, Sovereignty, and the Gods: Some Bronze Age Reflections

Mantha Zarmakoupi (Universität zu Köln):Landscape Themes in the Design of the Luxurious Villas of the Bay of Naples


AHMA Noon Colloquia, Spring 2012

Carlos Noreña (UC Berkeley): Authority and Subjectivity in Apuleius' Apology

Charles W. Hedrick, Jr. (UC Santa Cruz): The Hall of a Hundred Schools

Vincent Tomasso (Ripon College): What are Sequels Good For? The Reception of Homer in Imperial Greek Literature

Orhan Bingöl (Ankara University): The Latest Investigations of Magnesia on the Meander

Shane Bjornlie (Claremont McKenna College): Italy at the End of Empire: A Profile of Transition and Tupture, 476-568

Hans Rupprecht Goette (German Archaeological Institute): Attic Marble for the Ancient World: Pentelicon, Hymettos, and Life in Ancient Attica

Daniel Boyarin (UC Berkeley) The Law as Parable (Mark 7:15-18): Moses and Jesus Against the Pharisees

Wolf-Dietrich Neimeier (German Archaeological Institute at Athens): New Discoveries in the Oracular Sanctuary of Apollo at Abai (Kalapodi) in Phokis


AHMA Noon Colloquia, Fall 2011

Francesca Rochberg (UC Berkeley): Where were the 'Laws of Nature' before there was Nature?

Joel Rygorsky (UC Berkeley): Archaeology and Ancient Economies: Archaic Greek Sicily

Giovanna Ceserani (Stanford Classics): Italy's Lost Greece: Magna Graecia and History of Archaeology

Bruce Routledge (University of Liverpool): Gateways: Making and Appropriating Communal Spaces in the Iron Age Levant

Tonio Hölscher (Heidelberg, Institute for Classical Archaeology): Penelope at Persepolis: Or, the Power of Images to Stop a War with the Arch-Enemy