Fall 2017 Courses

The following is a selection only of courses relating to the Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology program that were offered in the Fall 2017 semester. Please see the online schedule of classes for updated information.


Department of Anthropology

ANTH 229A - Archaeological Research Strategies (Joyce) Wed 2-5pm


ANTH 230 - Food Studies (Hastorf) Th 1-3pm


Department of Classics

CLAS 201A - Survey of Greek Literature (Kurke) MW 12:30-2pm.

CLAS 211 - Archaic Greek Poetry (Griffith) Mon 2-5pm.

CLAS 239 - Poetics of the Book (McCarthy) Th 2-5pm.

Department of History

HIST 280A - Claudian (Elm) Th 12-2pm.


Department of Near Eastern Studies

CUNEIF 200A - Advanced Akkadian (Rochberg) Mon 2-5pm

CUNEIF 298 - 3Rs: Rapid Reading and Research in Akkadian (Pearce) Wed 9-11am

EGYPT 202A - Egyptian Texts (Lucarelli) MWF 2-3pm


Department of Political Science

Poli Sci 212A - History of Greek Political Thought (Hoekstra) Th 2-5pm