Digital Humanities & Egyptology Conference

Monday, November 26, 2018

A major international conference organized by AHMA faculty member Rita Lucarelli:


November 26-28, 2018

Learning Center, Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology
UC Berkeley

November 26

2 pm: Welcome and opening remarks (Rita Lucarelli and Benjamin Porter)
2.15 pm: Justin Underhill (UC Berkeley)
Horizons of Interactivity in 3D Modeling and Cultural Heritage
2.45 pm: Melanie Flossmann-Schutze (LMU)
Preservation and Digital Humanities in Times of Change. A Case Study from Middle Egypt 
3.15 pm: coffee break
3.30 pm: Christina Hodge (Stanford University)
Our Dark Materials: Applying Digital Humanities to an Exhibit of Egyptian Archaeology
4 pm: Jessica Kaiser (UC Berkeley)
A Changing Narrative: Preliminary Findings from the Abydos Temple PapeR Archive
4.30-5 pm: Round table and closing remarks
6.30 pm: Dinner for the speakers

November 27

9.30 am: Nicola Lercari (UC Merced)
Archaeological Citizen Science at Bodie State Historic Park
10 am: Arianna Campiani and Nicola Lercari (UC Merced)
The Digital Maya Heritage Project: Digital Documentation at Palenque, Chiapas
10.30 am: break
10.45 am: Melissa Cradic (UC Berkeley)
Documenting the Dead in the Bronze Age Levant
11.15 am: Elaine Sullivan (UC Santa Cruz)
Context at the Necropolis: Using 3D Reconstruction Modeling to Visualize Funerary Culture at Multiple Scales
11.45 am: Patrizia Heindl (LMU)
A Database for Late Period Statues
12.15 - 2 pm: lunch break
2 pm: Kacey Hadick and Scott Lee (CyArk)
Reality Capture Best Practices: harnessing the power of 3D data
2.30 pm: Graduate Research and Digital Humanties at UC Berkeley
Brooke Norton
Robots and Looters Holes: Exploration at el-Hibeh in the Aftermath of the Egyptian Revolution
David Wheeler and David Cook
3 pm: Practical session
Kea Johnston
How to Build 3D Models for Ancient Coffins: Software and Methodologies
Jessica Johnson and Chris Hoffman
Immersive Environments for the Study and Dissemination of 3D Models: VR & the
Cave Kiosk at UC Berkeley
4 pm: Final Notes and Roundtable

November 28

9.30 am: Giulia Deotto and Paola Zanovello (University of Padova)
Tebtynis: A Private View. Rediscovering the Site Through Archives and the Use of New Technologies”
10.00 am: Adam Anderson (UC Berkeley)
The Case for 3D Cuneiform
10.30 am: Alexander Schütze (LMU)
A “Distant Reading” of Late Period’s Officials' Monuments
11.00 am: Ralph Birk (LMU)
The Ptolemaic Synodal Decrees: New Texts in an Old Idiom
11.30 am: Casondra Sobieralski (UC Santa Cruz)
Mapping Hathor through Canaan
12.00 am: Closing remarks (Rita Lucarelli)

An event sponsored by the LMU-UCB Research in the Humanities, the Townsend Center of
Humanites, the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology and the Near Eastern Studies
Department, UC Berkeley.
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