Kim Shelton and team excavate Mycenaean chamber tomb at Aidonia

Friday, September 1, 2017
AHMA student Natalie Gleason taking levels as trench supervisor at Aidonia

During the Nemea Center's 2017 excavation season in collaboration with the Korinthian Ephorate of Antiquites, Kim Shelton and her team, including AHMA students Natalie Gleason and David Wheeler, and Classical Archaeology PhD student Belisi Gillespie, discovered seven intact burials within a collapsed chamber tomb at Aidonia. The burials range in date from LHII to LHIIIB, within a tomb constructed early in the 15thc BCE. The collapsed tomb was covered by a thick layer of deposits of the Archaic through Byzantine periods suggesting that the area came to be used for habitation rather than burial after the Iron Age. The excavated material is now being carefully studied. We look forward to ongoing news of this major discovery; in the meantime, The Archaeology News Network has published a brief description of the finds. Congratulations to Professor Shelton and her team!