Andrew Stewart

Job title: 
Chancellor's Professor and Professor of the Graduate School
History of Art
Research interests: 

Greek and Roman art and archeology, and the Renaissance and later reception of Greek sculpture.


Recent Publications

  • Andrew Stewart, "Cultural and Technological Evolution on the Metopes of the Hephaisteion," in O. Palagia and E. Sioumpara (eds.), From Hippias to KalliasGreek Art in Athens and Beyond 527-449 BC (2019), 134-43.
  • Andrew Stewart, "An Absolute Chronology of Attic Sculpture, 450-390 BC," in ARISTEAI/Excellence: Studies in Honour of Olga Palagia (2019), 85-102.
  • Andrew Stewart, "Notes on the Origins and Early Development of the 'Agora of the Kerameikos', In honorem Bert Smith," in C. M. Draycott et al. (eds.), Vistual HistoriesVisual Remains and Histories of the Classical WorldPapers in Honour of R. R. R. Smith (2019), 299-308.
  • Andrew Stewart, "Patronage, Compensation, and the Social Status of Sculptors," in O. Palagia (ed.), Handbook of Greek Sculpture (2019), 50-88.
Andrew Stewart


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