AHMA Seminars

All AHMA students must take one AHMA seminar during Stage I of the program, normally in the first two years. The AHMA seminar is offered annually by two participating faculty members of AHMA who belong to different home departments. The following AHMA seminars will be or have been offered in the recent past.

2015-16: Comparative  Urbanism in the Ancient World. Professors Carlos Noreña (History) and Carol Redmount (Near Eastern Studies). Spring 2016.

2014-15: Ancient Boiotia: History, Epigraphy, and Culture. Professors Emily Mackil (History) and Nikolaos Papazarkadas (Classics). Spring 2015.

2013-14: Etruscan Cities. Professors Ted Peña (Classics) and L. Pieraccini (Art History). Fall 2013.

2012-13: The City of Rome: Topography and Urban History. Professors Carlos Noreña (History) and Ted Peña (Classics). Spring 2013.

2011-12: Making Things in the Iron Age Levant: An Investigation into Materials, Craft and Production. Professors Marian Feldman (Art History/NES) and Benjamin Porter (NES)

2010-11: Greece and the Near East in the Iron Age. Professors Marian Feldman (Art History/NES) and Andrew Stewart (Art History/Classics)

2009-10: Sectarianism to Heresiology in Second Temple Judaism. Professors Ron Hendel (NES) and Holger Zellentin (Jewish Studies, Graduate Theological Union)

2008-9: Greek Economies: The Documentary Evidence. Professors Emily Mackil (History) and Nikolaos Papazarkadas (Classics).

2007-8:  Regarding Graeco-Roman Egypt: Text and Image, Reading and Viewing in a Multi-Cultural Society Professors Chris Hallett (Art History) and Todd Hickey (Classics)