Fall 2019 Courses

The following is a selection only of courses relating to the Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology program that are offered in the Fall 2019 semester. Please see the online schedule of classes for updated information.

Department of History

HIST 280A: Augustine's City of God and Economic History (Elm) 


HIST 283: Historical Method and Theory (Noreña)


HIST 105B: The Hellenistic World (Mackil)


HIST 103U: Mary: A Global Icon (Angelova


Department of Classics

CLASS 2001A: Survey of Greek Literature Part 1 (Griffith)


CLASS 203: Approaches to Classical Literature (Oliensis)


CLASS 218: The Presocratics (Magrin and Long)


CLASS 239: Rationality, Interests, and Choice in Greek Thought and Practice (Ober)


CLASS 250: Advanced Greek Prose Composition (Mastronarde)


CLASS 121: Greek Religion (MacRae)


CLASS 130: Ancient Portraiture and Biography (Hallett)


CLASS 130: Egypt After the Pharaohs (Hickey)


CLASS 161: Sexuality and Gender in the Ancient World (Kurke)


CLASS 170D: Roman Art and Architecture (Peña)



Department of Near Eastern Studies


NES 115: Early Egypt: From Village to Pyramid (Redmount)


NES 124: Levantine Archaeology (Porter)


NES 190A: Digital Humanities and Egyptology (Lucarelli)


NES 201A: Middle Egyptian Texts (Lucarelli)


NES 299: Advanced Talmud Seminar (Boyarin)



Department of History of Art


HA 108: Ancient Mediterranean City in Images and the Imaginary (Angelova)

HA 192CU: Hands on at the Hearst (Stewart)