Spring 2017 Courses

The following is a selection only of courses relating to the Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology program that are offered in the Spring 2017 semester. Please see the online schedule of classes for updated information.


Department of History

History 280: Roman Politics (C. Norena). Thurs. 2:00-5:00.


Department of Classics

Classics 202B: Survey of Latin Literature,  Part II (D. Sailor). Tues./Thurs. 11:00-12:30.

Classics 214: Greek Drama (M. Griffith). Fri. 2:00-5:00.

Classics 218: Sather Seminar: Greek Philosophers (M. M. McCabe). Wed. 2:00-5:00.

Classics 230: Horace (E. Oliensis). Tues. 2:00-5:00.

Classics 239: Hellenistic Ethics (A. A. Long). Fri. 2:00-5:00.

Classics 260: Advanced Latin Composition (T. Murphy). Mon./Wed. 11:00-12:30.

Classics 270: Current Topics in Mycenaean Archaeology (K. Shelton). Mon. 2:00-5:00.


Department of History of Art

History of Art 240: Mellon Curatorial Seminar (C. Hallett and A. Stewart). Fri. 9:00-12:00.

History of Art 258: Mary, the Global Icon (D. Angelova). Wed. 9:00-12:00.


Department of Near Eastern Studies

NES 202B: Advanced Egyptian (R. Lucarelli). 


Department of Anthropology

Anthropology 229B: Archaeological Research Strategies (R. Joyce and K. Lightfoot). Wed. 2:00-5:00.


Pacific School of Religion

Ezra-Nehemiah: Social and Religious Transformations in the Early Exilic Period (A. Brody)