Spring 2018 Courses

The following is a selection only of courses relating to the Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology program that are offered in the Spring 2018 semester. Please see the online schedule of classes for updated information.


Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology

AHMA 210/CLASSIC 239-002/HIST 280A - Greek Economies: The Documentary Evidence (Mackil & Papazarkadas) W 1-4


Department of Anthropology

ANTHRO C103 - Introduction to Human Osteology (White) MW 9-12


ANTHRO 114 - History of Anthropological Thought (Brandes) TuTh 9:30-11

ANTHRO 229B - Archaeological Research Strategies (Maher) W 2-5


Department of Classics

CLASSIC 201B - Survey of Greek Literature (Papazarkadas) MW 9:30-11

CLASSIC 218 - Greek Philosophers (Magrin) T 2-5

CLASSIC 239-001 - In Search of Roman Polytheism: Identity, Multiplicity, Flexibility, Translatability (Bettini) F 2-5

CLASSIC 250 - Advanced Greek Composition (Mastronarde) TTh 9:30-11



Department of Comparative Literature

COMLIT 190-001 - Detective Fiction and Psychoanalysis (Kurke) TTh 2-3:30

COMLIT 210-001 - Studies in Ancient Literature (Porter) Th 2-5



Department of History

HIST 100AP - Warfare and the Ancient World (Taylor) TTh 8-9:30

HIST 280B/285B - Antisemitism: From the Age of Tacitus to the Age of Trump (Efron) Th 10-12


HIST 280U - Mary: A Global Icon (Angelova) Wed 9-12


HIST 283 - How to Write an Academic Article in History (Shagan) M 2-5


Department of History of Art

HA 141B - Classical Greek Art (Stewart) TTh 9:30-11am


HA 151 - Late Antique Art and Society (Angelova) TTh 5-6:30pm

HA 190B - Breaking Boundaries: The Persian in Greek and Roman Art (500 BC to AD 600) (Schneider) TTh 5-6:30

HA 203 - Material Culture: The Interpretation of Objects (Lovell) M 2-5

HA 290.3 - Why Does Greek and Roman Art and Architecture Matter? (Schneider) W 9-12



Department of Near Eastern Studies

CUNEIF 200B - Advanced Akkadian (Rochberg) W 2-5

CUNEIF 298 - Rapid Reading and Research in Akkadian (Pearce) W 9-11

EGYPT 202A - Egyptian Texts (Lucarelli) TBA

NESTUD 190B - Special Topics in Fields of Near Eastern Studies: Egyptian Studies (Ekici) MWF 12-1

NESTUD 290E - Special Studies: Hebrew (Kronfeld) W 2-5

NESTUD 296 - Topics in Egyptian Art and Archaeology (Redmount) T 2-5



Department of Rhetoric

RHETOR 240G-003 - Homer: Invention and Reception (Porter) Th 2-5