Participating Faculty

The AHMA Faculty represents an impressive range of expertise in the archaeology, history and cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world. In choosing a graduate school a candidate should carefully consider both the scholars presiding over his or her general graduate training and the scholar(s) with whom the candidate would wish to pursue a special interest in writing a dissertation.

Diliana Angelova

Assistant Professor, Early Christian and Byzantine Art
History of Art, History
Research Interests: Early Christian and Byzantine art; women, gender, material culture, and the history of ideas.
Office / Location: 423 Doe Library
Email: angelova [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Phone: 510-643-7552

Daniel Boyarin

Near Eastern Studies
Research Interests: Talmudic Culture, Rabbinic Literature, History of Early Judaeo-Christianity, Ancient Rhetoric
Office / Location: 248 Barrows Hall
Email: boyarin [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Phone: 510-642-8356

Stanley Brandes

Research Interests: Mediterranean Ethnology and Folklore
Office / Location: 309 Kroeber Hall
Email: brandes [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Phone: 510-642-6945

Aaron Brody

Associate Professor
Pacific School of Religion (PSR)
Research Interests: Canaanites; Phoenicians; Israelites; maritime archaeology; archaeology of society, religion, economy; interregional interactions
Office / Location: 1798 Scenic Ave
Email: abrody [at] psr [dot] edu
Phone: 510-849-8201

Susanna Elm

Research Interests: History of the Roman empire, Late Antiquity, Pagan-Christian relations, ancient medicine, "Antikerezeption"
Office / Location: 2310 Dwinelle Hall
Email: elm [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Phone: 510-642-2238

Chris Hallett

History of Art
Research Interests: Roman sculpture, Roman paintings, Aphrodisias
Office / Location: 418 Doe Library
Email: chrishallett [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Phone: 510-642-4512

Ronald Hendel

Near Eastern Studies
Research Interests: Hebrew Bible, Northwest Semitic epigraphy, Israelite religion, comparative mythology
Office / Location: 276 Barrows Hall
Email: hendel [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Phone: 510-642-6174

Todd Hickey

Associate Professor
Classics, Bancroft Library
Research Interests: Papyrology (Greek and Egyptian); social, cultural and economic history of Graeco-Roman Egypt; Late Antiquity
Office / Location: The Center for the Tebtunis Papyri, The Bancroft Library M/C 6000
Email: thickey [at] library [dot] berkeley [dot] edu
Phone: 510-642-4556

Rita Lucarelli

Assistant Professor of Egyptology
Near Eastern Studies
Research Interests: Religion of ancient Egypt, ancient Egyptian religious iconography; hieratic magical and funerary texts
Office / Location: 266 Barrows Hall
Email: rita [dot] lucarelli [at] berkeley [dot] edu

Emily Mackil

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Political, economic, and religious history of ancient Greece; Greek Epigraphy; Numismatics
Office / Location: 2312 Dwinelle Hall
Email: emackil [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Phone: 510-642-2567

Duncan MacRae

Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Roman cultural history, religion in antiquity, intellectual history
Office / Location: 7213 Dwinelle
Email: duncanmacrae [at] berkeley [dot] edu

Laurent Mayali

Robbins Collection/Boalt School of Law
Research Interests: Roman Law and Canon Law. Medieval Jurisprudence. European Legal History. Comparative Law
Office / Location: 462 Law Library
Email: mayalil [at] law [dot] berkeley [dot] edu
Phone: 510-642-2327

Carlos F. Noreña

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Roman History, Topography of Rome, Roman Numismatics, Latin Epigraphy
Office / Location: 2411 Dwinelle Hall
Email: norena [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Phone: 510-642-2117

Nikolaos Papazarkadas

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Greek Epigraphy, Greek History, Topography and Archaeology of Athens, Attica, Boeotia, and the Cyclades
Office / Location: 7207 Dwinelle Hall
Email: papazarkadas [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Phone: (510) 642-7201

J. Theodore Peña

Research Interests: Roman archaeology, ancient economy, material culture studies, text-based archaeology, pottery analysis
Office / Location: 7308 Dwinelle Hall
Email: tpena [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Phone: 510-643-8964

Lisa Pieraccini

Project Director
Del Chiaro Center for Ancient Italian Studies
Research Interests: Roman and Etruscan material culture and wall painting, funerary archaeology
Email: lisap [at] berkeley [dot] edu

Benjamin W. Porter

Associate Professor
Near Eastern Studies
Research Interests: Near Eastern archaeology, Bronze and Iron Age Levant, field archaeology, archaeological method and theory
Office / Location: 250 Barrows Hall
Email: bwporter [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Phone: 510-642-7794

Carol Redmount

Associate Professor
Near Eastern Studies
Research Interests: Egyptian Archaeology, Ceramic Studies, Eastern Mediterranean Interconnections
Office / Location: 244 Barrows Hall
Email: redmount [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Phone: 510-642-5637

Francesca Rochberg

Near Eastern Studies
Research Interests: Assyriology, Babylonian astrology and astronomy, History of Science
Email: rochberg [at] berkeley [dot] edu

Kim Shelton

Associate Professor
Classics, Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology
Research Interests: Classical Archaeology, Bronze Age Aegean, Ancient Greek domestic architecture and settlement dynamics, ceramics, Ancient Religion and Mythology
Office / Location: 7212 Dwinelle Hall
Email: sheltonk [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Phone: 642-5314

Andrew Stewart

History of Art, Classics
Research Interests: Greek and Roman art and archeology, and the Renaissance and later reception of Greek sculpture.
Office / Location: 416 Doe Library, University of California Berkeley, CA 94720-6020
Email: astewart [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Phone: 510.642.4524

Nicolaas Veldhuis

Associate Professor
Near Eastern Studies
Research Interests: Reconstruction and interpretation of the religious, literary, and scholarly traditions of ancient Mesopotamia. Sumerian language and writing
Office / Location: 250 Barrows
Email: veldhuis [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Phone: 510-642-6175