Jarrid Dulaney

B.A., Virginia Tech, 2013
MA, University of California, Berkeley, 2017
jarrid5 [at] berkeley [dot] edu

I received dual Honors Scholar B.A. degrees in Classical Studies and History from Virginia Tech in 2013. 

I spent the year following the completion of my degrees working, first for the Virginia Tech Office of Admissions and then as an adjunct professor in the Virginia Tech Department of History, where I assisted a professor in planning and administering a summer course on Alexander the Great.

I joined the Graduate Group in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology in August of 2014. At Berkeley I have continued to develop my interests in 'intercultural space' in the Roman world (specifically in the material culture of, and daily life in, ancient Romano-Punic spaces, including port towns and commercial hubs in places like North Africa and Sicily), while expanding my horizons and finding new, yet relevant passions, including Maritime Archaeology, Roman shipping and packaging logistics, and the ancient economy.

I have excavated in Bulgaria and Italy, both on terra firma and underwater. Most recently, I worked in the summer of 2015 on The Marzamemi Maritime Heritage Project in conjunction with Stanford University, where I excavated the Late Antique Roman "Church" shipwreck underwater off the coast of southern Sicily, and helped to further establish the conservation museum and cultural heritage site nearby.