Jesse Obert

B.A., Boston University, 2011
M.A., University College London, 2013
jesobert [at] berkeley [dot] edu

I graduated from Boston University with a double major in Classical Civilizations and Archaeology. In 2013, I received a M.A. in Ancient History from University College London where I earned a Distinction on my thesis, The Role of Attendants in Ancient Greek Combat. I have worked on archaeological excavation and survey projects in Southern Italy, and I have been working in Eastern Crete since 2010. Between 2013 and 2016, I was the site supervisor of Mochlos in East Crete, and I continue to work with that project as a metals specialist.

Throughout my academic career, I have sought to understand ancient warfare and its influence on state cohesion, development, and identity. At UC Berkeley, I am continuing these areas of study with a particular focus on the political and economic development of Crete in the Archaic period.


Conference Presentations:

Obert, J (April 2018) Immortalizing Hegemonic Obligation: A New Reconstruction of the Spartan War Fund, New Voices in Epigraphy International Graduate Conference (Oxford University, UK)

Obert, J (November 2017) Some Assembly Required: Using pXRF to Reconstruct the Production History of a Proto-Corinthian Helmet, Archaeological Research Facility Brownbag Lecture Series (University of California, Berkeley, CA)

Obert, J (June 2016) The Role of Attendants in Classical Greek Combat, The International Ancient Warfare Conference 2016 (Gothenburg, Sweden).

Obert, J (January 2016) Alloying with a Purpose: Comparing Object Typologies and Chemical Compositions at Neopalatial Mochlos, The 117th Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (San Francisco, CA).

Obert, J & Kaiser, L (January 2015) Predictability Modeling in Dorian Crete, The 116th Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (New Orleans, LA).

Obert, J (June 2013) Using Funerary Inscriptions to Understand Shifts in Thanatological Thought, Histfest 2013 (Lancaster University, UK).

Obert, J (March 2013) Archaeological Limitations to Studying Warfare in Antiquity, The Institute of Archaeology MA and MSC Student Conference (University College London, UK)