Laura Pfuntner

B.A., Oxford, 2005
MA, University of California, Berkeley, 2007
PhD, University of California, Berkeley, 2013
Ph.D. Granted: 
The Changing Urban Landscape of Roman Sicily
L [dot] Pfuntner [at] qub [dot] ac [dot] uk

Position: Lecturer, School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy, and Politics, Queen's University Belfast

I received my BA in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History from the University of Oxford (St John’s College) in 2005 and my MA from Berkeley in 2007, after submitting a thesis entitled “Religion and Empire in Western Sicily.”  I am a Roman historian, and my main scholarly interests are the history and material culture of the central Mediterranean core of the Roman Empire in the first three centuries AD.  My dissertation analyzed settlement patterns in Sicily in the centuries of Roman rule over the island.  I am particularly interested in processes of settlement abandonment and formation, as well as in the economic, political, and social connections between individual Sicilian communities, the island’s various regions, and between Sicily and the wider Roman Mediterranean.   

While at Berkeley, I taught survey courses on Western and Roman Civilization, introductory Latin, and the intensive summer Latin Workshop.  I also served as an instructor in pottery studies at the summer field school in Nemea.  I maintain an interest in both classical and American historical archaeology (particularly of landscapes), and I have participated in excavations in the Roman Forum and on colonial-era and antebellum sites in my home state of Virginia.