About AHMA

Lion's Gate

The Graduate Group in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology (AHMA) offers a PhD program for students committed to the study of the greater Mediterranean world in antiquity, from the Iberian Peninsula to Mesopotamia, from Thrace to Upper Egypt. AHMA students work with literary, archaeological, epigraphic, papyrological, and numismatic evidence to advance our understanding of the ancient Mediterranean.

More than twenty faculty from a wide array of departments at UC Berkeley contribute to AHMA: Anthropology, Classics, History, History of Art, Near Eastern Studies, and Rhetoric. Faculty from Boalt Hall, UC Berkeley’s School of Law, and two nearby centers for the study of religion also contribute to our scholarly community.

The current Chair of AHMA is Emily Mackil. Our Graduate Advisor is Kim Shelton. Please feel free to direct queries about the program to either of them, or to participating faculty members with whom you might wish to work.