Current Courses

The following is a selection only of graduate courses relating to the Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology program that are offered in the Fall 2023 semester. The links below will take you to the online schedule of classes for course descriptions, meeting places, and more detailed and up-to-date information.

Department of Ancient Greek and Roman Studies (formerly Classics)

CLAS 201A: Survey of Greek Literature - Griffith (MW 11am-12:30pm)

CLAS 270: Seminar in Classical Archaeology: The Rural Mediterranean - Erny (Th 2-5pm)

Department of Anthropology

ANTHRO 227: Historical Archaeology Research - Wilkie (Th 10am-12pm)

ANTHRO 230 002: Archaeology of Technology - Maher (W 2-4pm)

Department of History

HIST 280A / HIST 285A/ AHMA 210: Settlement and Landscape in Roman North Africa - Hickey and Noreña (W 1-4pm)

Department of Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures (formerly Near Eastern Studies)

CUNEIF 101B: Selected Readings in Akkadian - Pearce (Tu 2:30-5:30pm)

EGYPT 100B: Introduction to Egyptian Hieroglyphs - Richter (MW 12-2pm)

MELC 223: Seminar in Middle Eastern Archaeology - Porter (W 9am-12pm)

3D model of the coffin of Iwefaa

3D model of the coffin of Iwefaa. Image courtesy of Rita Lucarelli.