Past Courses

The following is a selection of graduate courses relating to the Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology program that have been offered in the last decade. Past AHMA seminars are listed separately.

Department of Ancient Greek and Roman Studies (formerly Classics)

Advanced Greek Prose Composition (D. Mastronarde, F2019; S2022))

Advanced Latin Composition (D. Sailor, S2021)

Affect and Tragedy: Sophocles’ Philoctetes and Oedipus at Colonus (M. Telò, F2015)

Approaches to Classical Literature (E. Oliensis, S2016, F2019, F2021)

Archaic Greek Poetry (R. Martin, F2014; M. Griffith, F2017)

Aristotle (T. Long, F2015)

The Athenian Empire: Literature, Archaeology, Epigraphy (N. Papazarkadas, S2014)

Authority, Doubles, and Gods (M. Bettini, F2014) 

Classics Proseminar (D. Mastronarde, S2021, S2023)

Comparative and Historical Grammar of Latin (M. Weiss, F2014)

Death, Burial, and the Greek World (K. Shelton, S2022)

Drama and Society (M. Telò, F2021)

The Economic Life of Pompeii and Herculaneum (T. Peña, F2014)

Greece in the Iron Age (K. Shelton, S2015)

Greek Epigraphy (N. Papazarkadas, F2016; S2021)

Greek Painting (K. Shelton, S2022)

Greek Philosophers (S. Magrin, S2015)

Greek Vase Painting: Hermeneutics and Historiography (F. Lissarrague, S2016)  [Sather Seminar]

Herodotus' Conversations (L. Kurke, S2023)

Latin Poetry of the Republic and Early Empire (K. McCarthy, S2015; P. Hardie, S2016 [Sather Seminar])

Myth and Literature (L. Kurke, F2021)

Papyrology (T. Hickey, S2016, F2020)

Plato and Aristotle (G. Ferrari, F2021)

Plato and Attic Prose (D. Sailor, F2021)

Poetics of the Book (K. McCarthy, F2017)

Polytheism in Rome (D. MacRae, F2016)

The Presocratics (S. Magrin and T. Long, F2019)

Rationality, Interests, and Choice in Greek Thought and Practice (J. Ober, F2019) [Sather Seminar]

Republican Prose (T. Murphy, F2021)

Roman Comedy (K. McCarthy, F2020)

Roman Material Culture (T. Peña, F2021)

The Roman Economy (T. Peña, F2021)

Sappho and Alcaeus (L. Kurke, F2016)

Seafaring in the Ancient World (T. Peña, F2015)

The Social Culture of Images in Ancient Greece and Rome (T. Hölscher, F2016)

Survey of Greek Literature (L. Kurke, F2021; N. Papazarkadas, S2022; M. Telò, F2023)

Survey of Latin Literature (E. Oliensis, F2020; Macrae S2021; F2022; Sailor S2023)

Tacitus' Annals (D. Sailor, S2014)

Vergil (K. McCarthy, F2021)

Voting the Divine: Religious Disputes and Communal Decisionmaking in the Roman Empire (S. Elm and D. MacRae, F2021)

Writing Disaster: Tragedy, Ecology, and Psychoanalysis (M. Telò, F2020)

Department of Anthropology

Advanced Topics in Bioarchaeology (S. Agarwal, F2023)

Anarchy, Inequality, and Freedom (R. Joyce, F2023)

Archaeological Research Strategies (C. Hastorf, F2015; R. Joyce, F2020; Hastorf and White, S2021; Laluk and White, F2023)

Environmental Archaeology (J. Habu, S2021; S2022) 

Food Anthropology: Food, Agriculture, and Sovereignty (C. Hastorf, F2017, F2021, F2023)

History of Anthropological Thought (R. Joyce, S2022)

Human Palaeoecology (L. Maher, S2021, S2023)

The Logic of Sacrifice (D. Funahashi, S2022)

Materialities (R. Joyce, S2023)

Museum Exhibit Curation and Design (R. Joyce, F2021)

Professional Development in Anthropological Archaeology (R. Joyce, S2022)

Skeletal Biology and Bioarchaeology (S. Agarwal, S2022)

Topics in Archaeobotany (C. Hastorf, F2020) 

Department of History

Archaic and Classical Greek History (N. Papazarkadas, S2022)

Augustine of Hippo: The City of God (S. Elm, S2015)

Augustine On Wealth (S. Elm, F2015)

Augustine's City of God and Economic History (S. Elm, F2019)

Byzantine History (M. Mavroudi, F2020, F2021)

Christianity: The Beginnings (S. Elm, F2021)

Claudian (S. Elm, F2017)

Historical Method and Theory (C. Noreña, F2019, J. Vernon, F2020, M. Mavroudi, F2021)

Imperial Representation in the Later Roman Empire: Manliness, Dress, Ethnicity and the Divine (S. Elm, F2020) 

The Making of Roman Law (C. Noreña, F2014)

The Military-Tributary Complex in the Roman Empire (C. Noreña, S2011)

Paloeography and Other Auxilliary Sciences (M. Mavroudi, F2014)

Problems in Archaic Greek History (E. Mackil, S2023)

Property and Power in the Ancient Greek World (E. Mackil, F2015)

Representing the Barbarian in Late Antiquity (S. Elm, F2016)

Rhetoric of History: Kingship and Legitimacy (D. Boyarin and M. Nylan, S2015)

The Roman Atlantic (C. Noreña, S2021)

The Roman Republic (C. Noreña, S2022)

Ruins of History (S. Esmeir and S.-L. Hoffmann, F2020)

Stasis, Exile, and Reconciliation in Ancient Greece (E. Mackil, S2021) 

The Third Century Crisis (C. Noreña, S2014) 

Voting the Divine: Religious Disputes and Communal Decisionmaking in the Roman Empire (S. Elm and D. MacRae, F2021)

Writing History in Greek, 10th-12th Centuries (M. Mavroudi, F2023)

Department of History of Art

Ancient Art and the Modern Imagination (W. Davis, S2015)

Breaking Images: Iconoclasms Past and Present (D. Angelova, F2021)

Decolonizing Ancient Mediterranean Art (L. Pieraccini, S2022)

Demystifying Funerary Landscapes, Identities and Receptions in Etruria and Egypt (R. Lucarellia and L. Pieraccini, S2023) [AHMA Seminar]

Etruscan Pasts, Present, and Futures: An Art of Many Faces (L. Pieraccini, F2021)

Istanbul: The City and its Art from Antiquity to the Present (D. Angelova and B. Fricke, S2015)

Sensations: Cultural Histories of the Senses in the Ancient Mediterranean World (D. Angelova & B. Porter, S2022)

Department of Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures

Akkadian: Advanced (F. Rochberg, F2017; L. Pearce S2023)

Akkadian: Empires and Exiles of First Millenium BCE Mesopotamia (L. Pearce, F2021)

Akkadian: Rapid Reading and Research (L. Pearce, F2017)

Akkadian: Selected Readings (L. Pearce, S2022)

Ancient Ceramics of Egypt and the Levant (C. Redmount, S2022)

Ancient Egyptian Magic and Demonology (R. Lucarelli, S2015)

The Archaeology of Death and Burial in the Ancient Near East (B. Porter, S2014)

The Art of Ancient Mesopotamia: 1000-330 BCE (Porter, F2021)

Art and Archaeology of Middle Eastern Christianity (Brelaud, F2021)

The Assyrians and Other Religious Groups in the Middle East (S. Brelaud, S2022)

Babylonian Religion: Myths and Songs from Ancient Mesopotamia (N. Veldhuis, S2022)

Daily Life in the Ancient World (C. Redmount, F2020)

Digital Humanities and Egyptology (R. Lucarelli, F2019)

Disease, Health, and Pandemics in Ancient Egypt, the Ancient Middle East, and the Classical World (C. Redmount, F2021)

Egyptian: Demotic Texts (B. Richter, S2021)

Egyptian: Hieratic (R. Lucarelli, F2021)

Egyptian: Hieroglyphics (B. Richter, S2022)

Egyptian: Late Egyptian (R. Lucarelli, S2022)

Egyptian: Middle Egyptian Texts (R. Lucarelli, F2017; F2019; S2021)

Egyptian Studies: City Living in Ancient Egypt (C. Redmount, S2014)

Egyptology, Archaeology, and Theory (Redmount, S2021)

Explorers, Archaeologists, and Tourists in the Middle East (B. Porter, S2022)

Gilgamesh: King, Hero, and God (Veldhuis, F2021)

Hebrew: Ancient and Modern Hebrew Literary Texts (R. Hendel, S2014)

Hebrew: Advanced Late Antique Hebrew Texts (D. Boyarin, S2023; F2023)

Hebrew: Talmud (Boyarin F2019)

Iranian Languages: Middle Persian (Benkato, S2021)

Iranian Philology (A. Benkato, S2022)

Magic, Religion, and Science: The Ancient and Medieval Worlds (R. Lucarelli & M. Mavroudi, S2022)

Orientalism and Its Critique (Benkato, F2021)

Sasanian Rock Reliefs and the Persian Empire (M. Compareti, S2016)

Silk Road Art and Archaeology (S. Mehendale, S2022)

Sociolinguistics of the Middle East (Benkato, F2021)

Sumerian: Elementary (N. Veldhuis, S2022)

Using Cuneiform Texts in Research (F. Rochberg, F2020)

The Vibrancy of Animals, Plants, and Objects in the Ancient Middle East (B. Porter, S2023)

Women in Ancient Egypt (C. Redmount, S2013, F2021) 

Department of Political Science

History of Greek Political Thought (K. Hoekstra, F2017)

Department of Rhetoric

Ancient and Modern Selves (J. Porter and R. Nadaff, F2016)

Pacific School of Religion

Household Religions in Ancient Israel and the Near East (A. Brody)

Introduction to Old Testament: Social and Religious Transformations (A. Brody, F2020)

Joshua Benjamins at the Hearst Museum

Classics PhD student Joshua Benjamins studying ancient coins at the Hearst Museum