Graduate Program

The AHMA program combines an open curriculum with rigorous examinations to produce innovative scholars fully trained in the technical skills necessary to become distinguished researchers and effective teachers.

The program is distinguished by its commitment to interdisciplinary approaches to the ancient past, including the study of material culture, broadly construed, and interests in the southwestern Asia as well as the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome. Prospective applicants to AHMA should also read, as relevant to their interests, about the separate programs in AnthropologyClassics, HistoryHistory of Art, and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures in order to determine which program would best fit their interests. Despite the distinct programs, students in all of them combine to form a large and vibrant intellectual community, participating in many of the same seminars, attending the same events, and working with the same faculty.

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NH2B Excavation Area at El Hibeh, Egypt

Excavation at El Hibeh, Egypt. Courtesy Carol Redmount.