Past Pritchett Lectures

2023/24: Rubina Raja (Aarhus University, Denmark): "Out of the Desert and into a Global Perspective: Palmyra in a longue durée Perspective (1st cent. BC to 8th cent. AD)"

2022/23: Barbara Borg (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa): "Free at last? Freedmen tombs and the social fabric of Rome’s sub-élite"

2021/22: Elspeth Dusinberre (University of Colorado, Boulder): "Death and Transfiguration in the Land of King Midas of the Golden Touch"

2019/20: Claudia Rapp (University of Vienna): "The Monastery of Saint Catherine in the Sinai and its Manuscripts: A Crossroads of Christendom in the Late Antique Mediterranean"

2017-18: Jonathan Hall (University of Chicago): "Chasing the Shadows of the Past in Late Ottoman Argos"

2016-17: Betsy Bryan (Johns Hopkins University): "Invoking the Deity through Altered Consciousness: Egyptian Communal Temple Rituals before the primary Mystery Religions" 

2015-16: Michael Dietler (University of Chicago): "Scale and the Archaeology of Colonial Encounters: Reflections from the Western Mediterranean"

2014-2015: Pierre Briant (Collège de France): "Provisioning the Macedonian Army: Alexander the Great and Achaemenid Imperial Logistics"

2013-2014: Brent Shaw (Princeton): "Lambs of God: An End of Human Sacrifice"

2012-2013: Joseph Maran (Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte und Vorderasiatische Archäologie, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg): "Architectural Space and Social Communication on the Upper Citadel of Tiryns: The Transformation from the Palatial Period to the Early 'Dark Ages'"

2011-2012: Susan Rotroff (Washington University, St. Louis): "The Agora Baby Well: Neonatal Mortality and the Disposal of the Dead in Hellenistic Athens"

2010-2011: R. R. R. Smith (University of Oxford): "Defacing the Gods at Aphrodisias: The Sebasteion in Late Antiquity"

2009-2010: Amélie Kuhrt (University College, London): "Issues of Hellenization: The Case of Babylon"

2008-2009: Patricia Cox Miller (Syracuse University): "Holy Bodies: Imagining Matter in Late Ancient Christianity"

2007-2008: Paul Cartledge(University of Cambridge): "The Truth-Telling School of Herodotus: A Personal Odyssey"

2006-2007: Lawrence E. Stager (Harvard University): "The Houses of Ancient Israel: Domestic, Royal, Divine"

2005-2006: Margaret C. Miller (University of Sydney): "Greek Hate: Athenian War Propaganda and the Persians"

2004-2005: Jan Assmann (University of Heidelberg): "The Rise of Monotheism and Its Anthropological Consequences"

2003-2004: John North (University College, London): "Changes, Chances, and Choices in the Religious History of Romans"

2002-2003: Shaye J. D. Cohen (Harvard University): "Alexander the Great and the Far-Away King: Folklore, Ethics, and Law"

2001-2002: Paul Zanker (German Archaeological Institute in Rome): "Domitian's Palace on the Palatine and the Imperial Image"

1998-1999: Wayne A. Meeks (Yale University): "Inventing the Christ: Multicultural Process and Poetry among the First Christians"

1997-1998: Janet Johnson (University of Chicago): "Women's Rights in Ancient Egypt"

1996-1997: John McKesson Camp II (Athens Agora Excavations): "Walls and the Polis"

1995-1996: J. J. Pollitt (Yale University): "The Plan of the Athenian Acropolis"

1994-1995: Emily Vermeule (Harvard University): "Trojan Troubles"

1993-1994: Peter Brown (Princeton University): "The Problem of Christianization"

1992-1993: Irene Winter (Harvard University): "Idols of the King: The Ritual Context of Sumerian Statuary"

1991-1992: Fergus Millar(University of Oxford): "Caravan Cities: The Roman Near East and Long Distance Trade"

1990-1991: W. Robert Connor (National Humanities Center): "Athenian Civic Identity: Context, Theory, and Practice"

1989-1990: Machteld Mellink (Bryn Mawr College): "Phrygians and Phrygian Culture: Anatolian and Greek Perspectives"

1988-1989: Sir John Boardman (University of Oxford): "Greek Arts in Persia and Beyond"

The Lion Gate at Mycenae

The Lion Gate at Mycenae, Greece