Staff and Faculty Advisors

Staff Advisor

Grant Tompkins is the Graduate Student Affairs Officer (GSAO) for AHMA. Prospective students should contact him with questions about the program and the admissions process. Admitted and incoming students may also contact Grant about the program, Visit Day, and fellowships. Registered AHMA students should contact Grant regarding advising, funding, award processing, GSI and GSR hiring.

Faculty Advisors

Professor Emily Mackil is the  Director of AHMA.

Professor Benjamin Porter is the Head Graduate Advisor for AHMA for the academic year 2022/23.

Professor Lisa Maher is the Equity Advisor for AHMA for 2022/23.

Exam Coordinator

Kristen Brooks assists faculty and students with scheduling all written and oral exams as well as the third-semester review and dissertation prospectus colloquium.  

CM 12 7 Uruk tablets

CM 12 7. Quitclaim regarding a share of builder's prebend, food allotment, storehouse in Hellenistic Uruk (Year 122 Seleucid Era)