Staff and Faculty Advisors

Staff Advisor

Cassandra Dunn is the Student Affairs Officer for AHMA. Prospective students should contact her with questions about the program and the admissions process. Admitted and incoming students may also contact Cassandra about the program, Visit Day, and fellowships. Registered AHMA students should contact Cassandra with routine administrative matters, including taking exams and processing stipend payments. 


Faculty Advisors

Emily Mackil is the Chair of AHMA.

Kim Shelton is the Head Graduate Advisor for AHMA for 2020/21.

Duncan MacRae is the Equity Advisor for AHMA for 2020/21.

CM 12 7 Uruk tablets

CM 12 7. Quitclaim regarding a share of builder's prebend, food allotment, storehouse in Hellenistic Uruk (Year 122 Seleucid Era)