Emily Mackil

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BA University of Oxford (Literae Humaniores) 1997

PhD Princeton University (Classics) 2003

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Political, economic, and religious history of ancient Greece; Greek Epigraphy; Numismatics

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Recent Publications

  • Emily Mackil and Nikolaos Papazarkadas (eds.). 2020. Greek Epigraphy and Religion: Papers in Memory of Sara B. Aleshire from the Second North American Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy. Leiden.
  • Mackil, E., 2019. "Ethnic Arguments," in H Beck, K. Buraselis, and A. McAuley, eds., Ethnos and Koinon: Studies in Ancient Greek Ethnicity and Federalism. Stuttgart, pp. 11–28.
  • Mackil, E., 2018. "Property Security and its Limits in Classical Greece," in M. Canevaro, A. Erskine, B. Gray, and J. Ober (eds.), Ancient Greek History and Contemporary Social Science. Edinburgh, pp. 315–343.
  • Mackil, E., 2017. "Propiedad, deuda y revolución en la Grecia antigua," in M. Campagno, J. Gallego, C.G. García Mac Gaw, (eds.),  Capital, deuda, y desigualidad: Distribuciones de la riqueza en el Mediterráneo antiguo, Buenos Aires, pp. 27–53.
  • Mackil, E., 2017. "Property Claims and State Formation in the Archaic Greek World," in S. Richardson and C. Ando (eds.), Ancient States and Infrastructural Power: Europe, Asia, and America. Philadelphia, pp. 63–90.

  • Mackil, E., 2015. "The Economics of Federation in Ancient Greece," in H. Beck and P. Funke, (eds.), Federalism in Greek Antiquity. Cambridge, pp. 487–502.
  • Mackil, E., 2013. Creating a Common Polity: Religion, Economy, and Politics in the Making of the Greek Koinon. Berkeley. Winner of the Goodwin Award of Merit from the Society for Classical Studies.
Emily Mackil


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