Stephen Miller (1942-2021): In Memoriam

August 11, 2021

Stephen Miller, Emeritus Professor of Classics at the University of California, Berkeley and a longtime faculty member of AHMA, passed away in Greece on August 11, 2021. 

Miller was named the Director of Excavations at the panhellenic sanctuary site of Nemea in 1971, a position he held until his retirement in 2004. He excavated the temple of Zeus at Nemea, with the assistance of a generation of students from Berkeley and elsewhere who participated in Nemea's archaeological field school. Miller also initiated the efforts to reconstruct the temple's colonnade, now awing visitors with its nine upright, beautifully restored columns, and founded the modern Nemean Games, just two of the many means by which he sought to bring Nemea to life for the modern world. 

Miller was the author of the invaluable Nemea: A Guide to the Site and Museum (1990); Arete: Greek Sports from Ancient Sources (1991); Nemea II: The Early Hellenistic Stadium (2001); and Ancient Greek Athletics (2004), as well as countless articles and archaeological reports. He served as Director of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens from 1982-1987.

The Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology has written a moving account of his contributions to the site and the field.