Darcy Tuttle

BA, Classical Civilization, Yale University, 2016

I began my academic career at Yale, where I majored in Classical Civilization and graduated magna cum laude with Distinction in the Major in 2016. My senior thesis examined the Lokrian tribute, delving into literary, epigraphic, and archaeological source material to trace how and why this small historical ritual became a metaphor for female voicelessness and Roman hegemony in later literature. 

Currently, I am interested in Roman republican to early imperial social and cultural history and material culture, with a focus on the lives of urban non-elites. This work has been complimented by five seasons excavating in Italy with the Gabii Project.

Before rejoining academia, I spent several years in Chicago working as a legal researcher. Though I enjoy California’s windchill-free winters, I remain a dedicated White Sox fan and defender of deep-dish pizza.