David Wheeler

BA Macalester College
MLitt University of Glasgow

I received my BA from Macalester College in 2009, where I double majored in Theatre and Classical Archaeology. While there I spent two seasons working on Macalester’s excavations at Omrit in Israel and a third season working at Kenchreai in Greece. I also spent a semester in Egypt studying at the American University in Cairo, where I received the prestigious Simpson Scholarship to pursue my interest in Egyptian Archaeology. After returning from Egypt I wrote an honors dissertation titled The Sed Festival and Performance in Ancient Egypt, in which I explored the creation of space in ancient Egyptian ritual.   

After graduating I began to pursue an MFA in performance while working in the Site Records department at the Office of the State Archaeologist of Iowa, but left both positions to work for the Minnesota Historical Society and the Science Museum in Minnesota. I then Moved to Glasgow to pursue a Masters of Classics, which is when I began working for the American School of Classical Studies in Athen’s excavations at the Athenian Agora, where I worked for two seasons. This work led me to my master's dissertation, Performance and the Formation of the Athenian Agora, where I examined the ways in which the performances that took place there, in particular the Panathenaia, altered the physical and ephemeral landscape of this part of the city of Athens and led to the creation of the Classical Agora.

My main interests include ritual performance in the ancient world, specifically the relationship between performance and space, and interactions between Greece and Egypt in the Aegean Bronze Age/Egyptian New Kingdom.

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