Erin Lawrence

B.A., University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2016

I received my B.A. from UW Madison in 2016 after double-majoring in Art History and Classical Humanities and enjoyed having Berkeley native Patricia Rosenmeyer and AHMA alumnus Nicholas Cahill as my dual thesis advisors. I have participated in several archaeological digs, most recently as an excavator in Sardis, Turkey. Though my undergraduate career certainly focused on the art and archaeology of the Aegean world, I took every opportunity to incorporate Egyptology in my studies. My senior honors thesis explored the cultural syncretism of the Aegean and Egyptian worlds through a small corpus of Carian-Egyptian funerary stelae produced during the 26th dynasty of Egypt.


My primary research interests include early archaic sculpture and its Near Eastern influences; mythological iconography in the archaic and early classical periods of Greece; and the presence of the Greeks in Egypt prior to Alexander the Great. Other interests that I am looking to explore include funerary art and iconography throughout the iron-age Mediterranean world and hair, dress, and personal adornment in both Ancient Greece and Egypt.