Ryan Culpeper

BA, University of California, 2017

My research is focused on the Eastern Mediterranean during the Hellenistic period, and more specifically the regional identity of Kilikia.  I have observed that the Seleukids’ conceptualization of Kilikia as a geographic area that was administratively detached from the rest of Asia Minor reflected, concurrently, actual and perceived differences between Kilikia and the other regional structures around it.  Consequently, the Seleukids and, indeed, the Romans as their hegemonic successors, took an epistemological stance on the organization of their world when they separated Kilikia from the rest of Asia Minor.  My research is aimed at determining how much of this point of view was governed by actual or perceived differences by drawing out the regional identity of Kilikia and then comparing it to the surrounding regional structures in order to illuminate Seleukid administrative decisions and policies, and the ways in which the Seleukids conceptualized the territoriality of their empire.

I have worked as a trench supervisor at Aidonia under Professor Kim Shelton of UC Berkeley and as a trench supervisor at Mount Lykaion under the ausipices of the University of Arizona project led by Professor David Gilman Romano and Professor Mary Voyatzis.

Research interests: 

Roman and Seleukid provincial policies; territoriality; resistance movements in the ancient Mediterranean; numismatics; aristocratic iconography; Greek and Latin epigraphy; papyrology.

Affiliated Faculty: