Cassandra Dunn

Undergraduate Advisor (AGRS)

Cassandra supports AHMA's fundraising and social media initiatives. She served as our Graduate Student Affairs Officer for many years, advising a whole generation of AHMA students, and is a stalwart of our program.

Office hours: MWTh in office; working from home Tu and Fri.

Linda Eason

Program Administrator, Financial Services

Linda supports AHMA with financial services and making arrangements for visiting speakers and scholars.

Office hours: on campus Mon-Wed, working from home Th and Fri.

Edith Anaya Perla

Office Administrator

Edith supports AHMA's events, provides assistance with access cards, etc.

Jan Johnson

Department Manager

Jan is the manager of a large administrative cluster that includes AHMA's support staff. She provides crucial, high-level finanical management for our group.

Office hours: 10a-4p M-Th, working from home on Fridays.

Presi Diaz

Administrative officer

Undergraduate course scheduling

3409 Dwinelle

Grant Tompkins

Graduate Student Affairs Officer

Grant serves as the GSAO for AHMA. He is our staff graduate advisor and also assists with funding, award processing, GSI hiring, and graduate admissions. Grant also organizes oral Qualifying Exams and dissertation prospectus colloquia.

Office hours: 9am-2:45pm M-Th, working from home Fridays.