Chris Hallett

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History of Art
Ancient Greek and Roman Studies
Research interests: 

Roman sculpture, Roman paintings, Aphrodisias

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Recent Publications

  • Chris Hallett, "Terracota, Antiquarianism, and the 'Archaic Revival' of Early Augustan Rome," in C. M. Draycott et al. (eds.), Vistual HistoriesVisual Remains and Histories of the Classical WorldPapers in Honour of R. R. R. Smith (2019), 181-203.
  • Chris Hallett, "Sculpture: Statues, Busts, and Other Villa Furnishings of Bronze and of Marble," in K. Lapatin (ed.), Buried by Vesuvius: The Villa dei Papiri at Herculaneum (2019), 71-97.
  • Chris Hallett, "Afterword: The Function of Greek Artworks within Roman Visual Culture," in G. Adornato et al. (eds.), Re-staging Greek Artworkds in Roman Times (2019), 275-87.
Chris Hallett


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