Daniel Boyarin

Taubman Professor Emeritus of Talmudic Culture
Near Eastern Studies

Erich Gruen

Gladys Rehard Wood Professor of History and Classics Emeritus
Recent publications

Erich Gruen, “Jewish Voices on Rome and Roman Imperialism,” in A.M. Berlin and P. Kosmin, The Middle Maccabees: Archaeology, History, and the Rise of the Hasmonean Kingdom (Atlanta, 2021), 379-390.

Erich Gruen, Ethnicity in the Ancient World: Did it Matter? (De Gruyter, 2020)

Erich Gruen, “Was Hellenism a Jewish Heterodoxy?” in G. Sharvit and W. Goetschel, Canonization and Alterity: Heresy in Jewish History, Thought, and Literature (Berlin, 2020), 17-29.

Erich Gruen, "The Sibylline Oracles and Resistance to Rome,” in J.J....

Chris Hallett

History of Art
Ancient Greek and Roman Studies

Ronald Hendel

Dabby Professor Emeritus of Hebrew Bible and Jewish Studies
Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures

Rebecca Lyman

Professor Emerita of History
Church Divinity School of the Pacific

J. Theodore Peña

Professor of Classics
Ancient Greek and Roman Studies

Francesca Rochberg

Catherine and William L. Magistretti Distinguished Professor of Near Eastern Studies
Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures