Erich Gruen

Job title: 
Gladys Rehard Wood Professor of History and Classics Emeritus

Recent publications

Erich Gruen, “Jewish Voices on Rome and Roman Imperialism,” in A.M. Berlin and P. Kosmin, The Middle Maccabees: Archaeology, History, and the Rise of the Hasmonean Kingdom (Atlanta, 2021), 379-390.

Erich Gruen, Ethnicity in the Ancient World: Did it Matter? (De Gruyter, 2020)

Erich Gruen, “Was Hellenism a Jewish Heterodoxy?” in G. Sharvit and W. Goetschel, Canonization and Alterity: Heresy in Jewish History, Thought, and Literature (Berlin, 2020), 17-29.

Erich Gruen, "The Sibylline Oracles and Resistance to Rome,” in J.J. Price and K. Berthelot, The Future of Rome: Roman, Greek, Jewish, and Christian Visions (Cambridge, 2020), 189-205.

Erich Gruen, “Judaism in the Diaspora,” in M. Henze and R.A. Werline, Early Judaism and its Modern Interpreters (Atlanta, 2020), 69-91.

Research interests: 

Hellenistic History, Roman History, and Jews in the Graeco-Roman World

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