Mario Del Chiaro Center for the Study of Ancient Italy

Background image: Colony at Carsulae

The M. Del Chiaro Center for Ancient Italian Studies at UC Berkeley promotes and advances the study of the many cultures of Ancient Italy and the Roman World, with special emphasis on the Romans and Etruscans. 

Affiliated with Berkeley’s Graduate Group in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology, the Center advocates an interdisciplinary approach to research and teaching, combining archaeology and material culture studies with history, art history, and inter-cultural relations. It organizes conferences, sponsors an annual De Chiaro Lecture Series, as well as workshops, and exhibitions. These events periodically bring to Berkeley, as invited lecturers, distinguished scholars in the fields of ancient art, religion, history, and the archaeology of Italy and the Roman World.

Student support is a key function of the Centers and currently aims to provide travel funds for students to participate in excavations In Italy and visit key Italian sites.

Latest News

  • New Collaborations with Italy
    The Del Chiaro Center is partnering with some of Italy’s finest museums: the Villa Giulia in Rome and the Capitoline Museum in Rome. Stay tuned for details.

Upcoming Events