The Aleshire Epigraphy Seminar

The Sara B. Aleshire Center for the Study of Greek Epigraphy organizes and hosts annual (formerly biannual) lectures and seminars in Greek epigraphy.

Occasionally, major conferences on Greek epigraphic matters hosted at Berkeley take the place of the seminar. Thus in 2011 the Aleshire Center organized an  international symposium, The Epigraphy and History of Boeotia: New Finds, New Developments. In January 2016 Berkeley hosted the Second Annual North American Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy, a banner event with more than 50 speakers and 140 attendees.

News of the 2020/21 Aleshire seminar will be posted when public health conditions allow us to make certain plans.


Past Aleshire Seminars

Paula Perlman Univeristy of Texas, Austin (April 2018)

"Writing the Laws of Classical and Hellenistic Crete" (lecture)


Christian Marek, University of Zurich (September 2016):

"New Epigraphic Evidence from Mylasa in Caria" (lecture)

"God or Ruler Cult? A New Hymn at the Hekatomnid Tomb of Mylasa" (seminar)


Angelos P. Matthaiou, Greek Epigraphic Society (April 2014):

"New Archaic Inscriptions from the Aegean Islands" (lecture)

“A New Bronze Manumission Record from Phigaleia” (seminar)


Elizabeth A. Meyer, University of Virginia (September 2013)

"Imitations of Roman Freedman Status in Hellenistic Greece" (lecture)

"Posts, Kurbeis, Metopes: the Origins of the Athenian 'Documentary' Stele" (seminar)


Riet van Bremen, University College London (October 2012)

"The Sons of Noumenios: Hellenistic Neoi between City and Court" (lecture)

"The Cretan Neotas" (seminar)


Christopher Jones, Harvard University (September 2010)

"The Persistence of Paganism in Late Antiquity" (lecture)

"Heavenly Epigrams: The Afterlife in Ancient Greek Epigrams" (seminar)


Gary Reger, Trinity College, Hartford. (March 2010)

"Apollonios of Tyana and the Geography of the Imagination in Egypt" (lecture)

"A New Inventory from Mylasa in Karia" (seminar)


Merle Langdon, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (October 2008)

"Shepherds Can't Write! Epigraphic Evidence for Literacy in Archaic Attica" (lecture)


Charalambos Kritzas, Director Emeritus, Epigraphical Museum, Athens (April 2008)

"New Inscriptions from Argos: The Archives of the Sacred Treasury (4th century B.C.)" (lecture)


H. W. Pleket, Professor Emeritus, Leiden University (November 2007)

"Sport and Culture in the Greek Cities of the Roman Empire" (lecture)

"The Professional Organizations in Asia Minor in the Roman Period" (seminar)


Alain Bresson, University of Bordeaux (Spring 2007)

“Coming in and out of a Greek city: a view from the inscriptions” (lecture)

“Grain from Cyrene” (seminar)


Michael Wörrle, Kommission für Antike Geschichte und Epigraphik, Munich (Fall 2006)

“Epigraphy in Context: Aizanoi Honors its Local Zeus and Courts the Emperor” (lecture)


Angelos Chaniotis, University of Heidelberg (Fall 2005)

“New Inscriptions from Aphrodisias” (lecture)


Charlotte Roueché, University of London (Fall 2003)

“Verses on Stone: Epigraphy and Literature” (lecture)


Michael H. Jameson, Stanford University (Fall 2001)

“The Sacrificial Calendar of Thorikos” (lecture)