The Nemea Center Lectures and Seminars

The Nemea Center regularly invites distinguished archaeologists to give lectures, lead seminars, and work with AHMA students. 


Past Lectures and Seminars

2017: Dimitri Nakassis (Department of Classics, University of Colorado, Boulder):

"The Road Less Traveled By? History, Archaeology, and Landscape in Southern Greece" (lecture)

"These Aren't the Mycenaeans We're Looking For" (seminar)


2015: Effie Athanassopoulos (Departments of Anthropology and Classics, University of Nebraska, Lincoln)

"Landscape Archaeology and the Medieval Countryside: Nemea in Context" (lecture)

"Documenting Material Culture: 3D Models of Ceramics from the Nemea Stadium" (seminar)


2013: Jack Davis (Carl W. Blegen Professor of Greek Archaeology, University of Cincinnati):

"The Ancient Landscape of Illyrian Apollonia: Excavation and Survey" (lecture)

"The Palace of Nestor at Pylos: Re-exploring a Mycenaean Kingdom" (seminar)


2012: Wolf-Dietrich Niemeier (Director of the German Archaeological Institute in Athens):

"New Archaic Sculptures from the Sacred Gate of the Athenian Kerameikos" (lecture)

"New Discoveries in the Oracular Sanctuary of Apollo at Abai (Kalapodi) in Phokis" (seminar)


2010: David Romano (Director of Greek Archaeological Projects in the Mediterranean Section of the Penn Museum and Adjunct Professor, University of Pennsylvania)

"Excavation and Research at the Sanctuary of Zeus on Mt. Lykaion: 2008-2009" (lecture)

"The Planning of Roman Corinth" (seminar)


2009: James C. Wright (Professor and Chair, Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, Bryn Mawr College)

"The Excavation of Barnavos and Ayia Sotira: Methods of Recovery" (lecture)

"Master Narratives, Interpretive Strategies and Regional Archaeology: The Case of the Nemea Valley in Greece" (seminar)