Qualified graduate students in good standing can participate in the campus exchange programs listed below.
More information is available from the Graduate Division and in the Graduate Degrees Office, 318 Sproul

University of California Intercampus Exchange Program for Graduate Students: permits students to study
at any of the other UC campuses; the Berkeley registration fee entitles students to library, health service
and other privileges at the host campus and students receive official course credit for courses taken at
the host campus.

Stanford-California Exchange Program: allows Berkeley students to take courses at Stanford University
that are not offered at Berkeley; must be approved by the AHMA program, Graduate Division, and
Stanford; participants register and pay applicable fees at Berkeley and are exempt from tuition and fees
at Stanford; first year graduate students are usually not eligible. Students must enroll in at least one
course at Berkeley, and eight units if serving as a GSI.

The Exchange Scholar Program: permits doctoral students from Berkeley, Brown, Chicago, Columbia,
Cornell, Harvard, MIT, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale to study at one of
the other participating universities; Berkeley registration entitles students to student privileges at the
host campus for up to a year; students are usually expected to have completed one year in a Berkeley
graduate degree program before applying.

Cross-registration programs with local institutions: lets students attend California State University
Hayward, San Francisco, and Sonoma; Dominican, Holy Names, Mills and St. Mary’s Colleges; and
John F. Kennedy University with the approval of Graduate Division and the department/program;
students may enroll for only one course per semester and must register and pay applicable fees at

Graduate Theological Union (GTU), 2400 Ridge Road, Berkeley, CA 94709: graduate students at Berkeley
may register at Berkeley and take courses at the GTU, subject to appropriate academic approvals.

Study Abroad: eligible graduate students may apply to most of the study centers under the University-wide
Education Abroad Program. Students must have completed at least one year in residence at Berkeley,
demonstrate language proficiency when required, and have the approval of their departments/programs
and Graduate Division.