After receiving permission to proceed to Stage II, the student should assemble a Stage II Advisory
Committee consisting of three AHMA faculty members, in accordance with his or her choice of fields of
study (see Section VI.A), designating one member as Chair.

The following are the requirements for Stage II at a glance. Each is treated in greater detail in the remainder
of this section.

1. Proficiency in one major field of study, one minor field, and one outside field.
2. Competence in a second ancient language and reading ability in at least two modern languages.
3. A Dissertation Prospectus prepared in consultation with the student’s Candidacy/QE Committee.
4. A three-hour, preliminary written examination in the major field, after completing major field
5. Fieldwork experience.
6. Successful completion of the Qualifying Examination (QE).
7. Participation in approved dissertation writing workshops and/or other such approved activities.
8. Successful completion of the Dissertation.

Successful completion of all coursework, written examinations and dissertation colloquium permits the
student to proceed to the Qualifying Examination, which covers all three fields.

Continuing students should plan to complete all of these requirements, including the Qualifying
Examination, within five years after admission to the program and within three years after completing Stage
I. Students entering the program with an MA or equivalent should plan to complete them within four years
after admission. Students should also consult with the SAO so that all Graduate Division requirements are
met and forms submitted at the appropriate times.

To comply with Normative Time, the dissertation should be completed before the end of the seventh year
after the student’s entrance into the program. An additional two semesters of non-registered time (making
eight years in all) are allowed for students who withdraw from the university; doing so requires that a
student apply for readmission to the university. It is expected that this extra year will be taken during the
writing of the dissertation, and perhaps spent in study abroad.