(Leading to the Qualifying Paper or MA degree)
(Post-MA entrants: Go to Section V: Proceeding to Stage II)

The student should select the first member of the Advisory Committee for Stage I as early as possible in
his/her first year in the AHMA program, and the other two members by or at the beginning of the third
semester in the program. All three must be AHMA faculty members, and must be drawn from at least two
different departments, in accordance with the student’s particular interests; the student should designate
one of the three as Committee Chair well before the onset of the third-semester review.

Requirements for Stage I

1. Successful completion of a minimum of six upper division and graduate courses. (For students
wishing to earn an MA degree, 10 of the 20 units required must be in 200-level courses approved
for the AHMA major.)
2. The achievement of competence in one ancient and one modern language.
3. Successful completion of the third semester review.
4. The production of a Qualifying Paper.