D. The Written Major Field Exam

Upon acquiring proficiency through coursework and, as necessary, independent study in the Major Field,
the student must complete a three-hour, comprehensive written examination in the Major Field. The exam
is to be based on the student’s coursework for the major field. The student should ask an appropriate
member of the Candidacy/QE Committee to set it, after providing her/him with syllabi and reading lists
from the relevant courses, and circulate it among the Committee members for approval.

The Candidacy/QE Committee determines the form of all written examinations in consultation with the
student. The Committee then sets them and evaluates them. Examinations normally require the student to
choose no more than three essays from a wide range of questions.

Students who fail a written examination may repeat it only once, usually after a minimum interval of six
months. In special circumstances, the student’s Candidacy/QE Committee, with the approval of the
Graduate Advisor, may allow an interval of less than six months. A student who does not pass the second
written examination is subject to dismissal.

A student preparing for a PhD written examination or the oral Qualifying Examination may enroll for credit
in an independent study course (AHMA 299, for 4 units) or Individual Study for Doctoral Students (CLAS
602), as appropriate. Credit for these courses is not applicable to the course work requirement for the degree.