B. Post-MA entrants from other programs and/or universities

Post-MA entrants must complete one probationary year of coursework, including at least two graduate
seminars with AHMA faculty; must choose as soon as possible all three members of their Advisory
Committee and must name its Chair; must undergo a third semester review (see Section IV.C); and must
petition to proceed by November 1 of their second year. This petition should take the form of a letter
addressed to the Graduate Advisor outlining graduate work accomplished to date; language competence
achieved (this should be equivalent to that required of MA/PhD students completing Stage I); and plans for
Stage II, as specified above. In assessing and voting on the petition, the faculty will take into consideration
the MA thesis (or equivalent) completed at the student’s previous institution; the two seminar papers
completed in the probationary year; and the results of the student’s third semester review.