A. Continuing Students

Students who wish to petition to proceed to Stage II should discuss their plans with appropriate faculty
members, including their Advisory Committee and the Graduate Advisor. The petition, which must be
approved by the Advisory Committee, should take the form of a letter addressed to the AHMA Chair and
copied to the Graduate Advisor, enclosing the Qualifying Paper and giving the following information:

1. A statement that the Qualifying Paper (see Appendix 8) has been read and approved by the student’s Advisory
2. The student’s proposed major, minor, and outside fields and a provisional timetable for completing
the requirements for those fields (see Section VI.A, below).
3. The language requirements already satisfied, and a timetable for completing those language
requirements not yet fulfilled (see Section VI.B, below), as well as a statement concerning
competence or plans to acquire competence in other languages, if any, needed for future research.
4. The principal faculty members under whose supervision the student intends to work. The student
should discuss all plans with the faculty members in question before submitting the petition.
5. Certification that the student’s Advisory Committee has approved the petition.

The faculty will normally consider the petition and accompanying Qualifying Paper in the semester after
completion of Stage I. This package may be submitted at the earliest by April 1 of the student’s fourth
semester; should be submitted by November 1 of the fifth semester (i.e., the fall of the student’s third year);
and must be submitted at the latest, if extenuating circumstances warrant, by the following April 1. No
Incomplete grades can be outstanding at the time when they are submitted. The faculty will then consider
the application as a whole. Students will be informed in writing of the faculty’s decision concerning it.